The March Itch

Although I don’t physically hibernate in the literal sense, winter can sometimes become a stagnant season for me. I wake up early in the morning, I read, I drink coffee, I stretch, I workout (sometimes), I eat, I work, I come home I eat some more, and then I go to bed in order to reset for the following day. The days are short. The air is cold and dry. Multiple layers are required for any sort of outdoor activity. The wind after howls from the North.

But when March hits, I get the itch. The days are getting longer and, even though the days aren’t necessarily getting warmer, the light hits the city at a different angle that gives me hope that winter will eventually end once again. There’s such promise in spring. It’s the season that sneaks up on you the fastest and suddenly you’re on your way to work one morning and notice that the trees are are of leaves and the flowers are blooming. On more than one occasion I have had to pull over to the side of the road in shock to admire this sudden change.

lightupMarch gives me such hope and also makes me want to start moving again. Moving, creating, writing, learning, exploring, BEING. I’ve made a list of all of the things that light me up, the things that make me feel like ME, and I’m dedicating the upcoming spring season to explore these further. The list includes, but isn’t limited to yoga & meditation (which are my main goal for my March Challenge), writing (gotta get some more work done on my book), nutrition & cooking (hmmm I should peruse my recipe books for spring recipes after this), travel (starting with Europe trip 2018) and photography.

Finding activities that light you up and indulging in them regularly are the only way to keep that spark lit, that joie de vivre. Otherwise, you’re stuck in a constant, stagnant winter and there’s nothing magical about that kind of life.


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