2018 Monthly Challenges

This year, instead of making resolutions for the entire year that I will never keep, I am setting 12 goals for myself (one for each month of the year). Every month, I’ll start a new challenge which affects an area of my life that I want to improve. Feel free to follow my Instagram (@hellolifebylise) for updates and, even better, join me in my challenges!


Goal: Drink 3L of water every single day (read more here)
Reason: Because I don’t drink enough water
Verdict: I didn’t attain my goal of drinking 3L of water every single day, but I did drink much more than I regularly would if I hadn’t been tracking. Overall, I felt less sluggish and suffered from less headaches. However, the biggest thing I noticed physically was that my skin was much more hydrated, which had been a concern in the past. Hopefully I can continue this hydrating habit throughout 2018!



Goal: Declutter OR Capsule Wardrobe
Reason: I’m choosing to the the Capsule Wardrobe because I have TOO MANY CLOTHES. Getting rid of at least 70% of my clothing and donating it
Verdict: I donated 6 large garbage bags full of clothes and significantly minimized the amount of clothing in my closet. The process isn’t done yet, but I definitely made a huge dent this month.


 MOVE! More specifically, yoga at least 3x per week. Any other physical activity is just a bonus.
Reason: Winter has been pretty stagnant. I need to start moving my body again. Yoga is my preferred form of physical activity at the moment.
Verdict: To be announced

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