Is there really any place more comfortable than home? 

This summer, my semi-precious stone bracelets were featured in a local art gallery in my hometown. Space was available so I snagged the spot which meant that my bracelets would be featured amongst paintings, sculptures, pottery, etc. and I would be responsible for working in the gallery for four days.

So I’m home for that. Today was my last day and I must admit that I enjoyed working at the gallery more than I had anticipated. I think it’s mainly due to the fact that, although I’m a raging introvert, I love chatting with tourists who are vacationing in the area. As a university student, I used to work in tourism during the summers and I felt like this past week brought me back to that.

I also very much enjoy being home. I don’t come home often enough. Coming from the city, I really do embrace the silence and the slow pace that comes with this sleepy town on the coast.

So my gallery responsibilities are over; I could technically head back to the city but I’m planning on staying a few days longer. I’m not in any rush to get back. I’ve got family to visit, friends to grab a coffee with and books to read while listening to the geese in the marsh behind the house and the occasional car driving by. Oh, and those sunsets tho 😉

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