The March Itch

Although I don't physically hibernate in the literal sense, winter can sometimes become a stagnant season for me. I wake up early in the morning, I read, I drink coffee, I stretch, I workout (sometimes), I eat, I work, I come home I eat some more, and then I go to bed in order to... Continue Reading →

January 2018 Challenge

Happy New Year all! I hope the holiday season treated you right and that you’re ready to start 2018 with an open mind, a kind heart and a strong voice to speak your truth. I spent the last week in complete hibernation mode (hard not to when you’re in the countryside during one of the... Continue Reading →


1. Name Lise 2. Zodiac sign Cancer 3. Three things I love My family, my pets, my friends 4. My best friend Natalie 5. Last song I listened to Me & Mr Jones by Amy Winehouse 6. What colour shirt I’m wearing right now Black 7. How many tattoos/piercings do I have Five piercings and... Continue Reading →

Friday Favorites: Holiday Edition

Good morning and happy Winter Solstice! Up here in the Northern Hemisphere, the December Solstice is the first day of winter, a time of inward reflection, and signifies a turning point. It's the perfect time take a moment, to pause, and and to reflect on if our actions are aligned with our goals. I find myself... Continue Reading →

Taking Control of My Life Again

We had our first real snowfall of the season yesterday and now my world is chilly and covered with a blanket of fluffy white. Yesterday started out beautifully. I even said it out loud, "This is the perfect morning." And then, as the day progressed, real life things cast a shadow over that perfect morning... Continue Reading →

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